Artificial Disc Replacement - Lauri

Drs. Bertagnoli and Fenk-Mayer,

I had a bi-level lumbar ADR implanted in August 2006. Having suffered from gradually worsening back pain, which eventually became disabling prior to the surgery, for some ten years I can say that I never expected to actually live a pain-free life again! Yet, this is what happened! I was told before the surgery that after three months post-operatively I would be able to do what I wanted. I had difficulty believing this, all things considered, but chose to have the operation. The period immediately after the surgery was challenging, but I was able to attend my first-ever Pilates session exactly three months after the surgery. The session was a complete success and the instructor commented on how well I was able to pick up the sport (contrary to the order of things I skipped the beginners’ sessions and attended a normal session...). In the end, however the greatest challenge was learning to “think like a healthy person” again.

I learned three lessons:

1. Always rely on the best experience, qualifications and knowledge you are able to gain access to and make your decisions based on this combination.

2. The full recovery from the surgery will take approximately two years, give or take a few months.

3. The recovery will require, at least it did for me, full commitment in terms of all thinkable resources such as time and effort.

I am very happy I had the surgery, and especially I am happy having had the surgery performed by Dr. Bertagnoli. I could not have made a better choice! The surgery for me was a cross-road, when I chose to change the course of my life radically for the better. I certainly chose the right people to consult which direction to take!

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